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Liability and Exceptions

Replacement Value Protection: This is repair or replacement coverage which would not exceed the declared value. Minimum declared value is $5 per pound. The client would pay an additional $10.00 per $1000.00 of declared value,

  • With this option, the Carrier agrees, if there is a loss or damage sustained while in its custody, to pay the full cost of repair, or if repair is not possible, pay depreciated value of the item
  • Declared value is an option, if declared value if not chosen, goods will be shipped as “Released Valuation” and any claim will be paid out at $0.60perpound. Please take time to review information at: https://www.mover.net/
  • If a cash settlement is preferred, the carrier is limited to the cost of repair (if repairable) or the depreciated value of the item.
  • Each article is assessed individually.
  • The carrier reserves the right to salvage any item that is replaced or cash settled in full.

1. Limitation of Liability:

The amount of any loss or damage for which the carrier may be liable shall not exceed $.60 cents per pound per article computed on the total weight of the shipment unless additional coverage is purchased under the Replacement Value Protection stated above.

2. Liability of the Carrier:

The carrier of the goods herein is liable for any loss or damage accepted by him or his agent, except as herein provided.

The carrier shall not be liable for:

Loss, damage, or delay to any of the goods described in the Bill Of Lading caused by an Act Of God, The Queen’s or public enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, mechanical breakdown, extreme weather conditions, the act of default of the consignor, owner or consignee, authority of law or quarantine.

a. Damage to fragile articles that are not packed or unpacked by representatives of BEST MOVERS, included: Marble, glass, mirrors, pictures, lamps etc.

b. Customer Packed Boxes: The contents of your boxes are not covered unless they have been packed by BEST MOVERS Employees; in the event that a customer-packed box is lost or destroyed, compensation will be computed based on an average weight of 50 pounds per box, regardless of actual box contents. Compensation will be $5/pound times 50pounds=$250

c. Damage to mechanical, electronic or other operations of radios, stereos, clocks, appliances, musical instruments, computers, software, DVD’s, CD’S, Disc’s, irrespective of who packed or unpacked said articles.

d. Deterioration or damage to perishable food, plants or animals.

e. Loss of contents of consignor packed articles, unless the containers used were opened for the carrier’s inspection and articles are listed on the Bill Of Lading and receipted for by the carrier.

f. Damage to or loss of a complete set or unit when only part of such set is damaged or lost in which event the carrier shall only be liable for repair or recovering of the lost or damaged piece or pieces.

g. Damage to the goods at place or places of pickup at which the consignor or his agent is not in attendance.

h. Damage to the goods at place or places of delivery at which the consignee or his agent is not in attendance and cannot give receipt for the goods delivered.

i. Loss or damage caused by, or resulting from inherent vice (e.g., tarnishing, rusting, moisture retention) or by wear and tear.

j. Computer down time, TV rentals and other tertiary losses

k. BEST MOVERS will not be responsible for assembling and disassembling IKEA furniture

l. Halogen Pole Lamps: Disassemble and box halogen pole lamps to protect them, always remove bulbs

m. Emotional or intrinsic value such as the loss of family albums, keepsakes, etc

n. Client does not provide the carrier’s technician with blocking kit for frontloading washers.

3. Delay

Failure by the consignee to accept delivery when tendered within the time specified on the Bill Of Lading shall render payment for reasonable storage in transit, handling, and redelivery charges incurred by the carrier.

4. Stopping in Transit

Where goods are stopped or held at the request of the party entitled to so request, the goods are held at the risk of the party.

5. Maximum Liability – Valuation:

The amount of any loss or damage for which the carrier is liable, whether or not the loss or damage results from negligence of the carrier or the carriers employees or agents, is to be computed on the basis of the value of the lost or damaged article(s) at the time and place of shipment (including the freight and other charges if paid and the duty if paid or payable and not refundable) unless a lower value has been represented in writing by the consignor or has been agreed on between the parties to this Bill Of Lading or is determined by the classification or tariff on which the rate is based, in any of which events such lower value is the amount that governs the computation of the maximum liability of the carrier. The amount of any loss or damage must not exceed the greater of; (i) the value declared by the shipper, or (ii) five dollars per pound computed on the total weight (based on cubic feet calculation) of the shipment, provided that if the consignor, in writing, releases the shipment to a value of $.60 cents per pound per article or less, the amount of any loss or damage must not exceed such lower amount.

Note : In such instance, additional charges to cover the value declared above $.60 cents per pound per article will be paid by the consignee, consignor, and owner or authorized agent. The minimum declared value will not be less than five ($5.00) dollars per pound computed on the total mass of the shipment.

6. Articles of Extraordinary Value:

A carrier is not bound to carry any documents, currency, jewellery, antiques, specie or any articles of extraordinary value ($3000.00 or more) unless by a special agreement to do so. If such goods are carried without a special agreement and the nature of the goods is not disclosed on the face of this Bill Of Lading, the carrier is not liable for any loss or damage in excess of the maximum liability stipulated in Article 5 above of this Bill Of Lading.

7. Notice of Claim:

a) BEST MOVERS is not liable for loss or damage to any goods carried under this Bill Of Lading unless notice setting out particulars of the origin, destination and date of shipment of the goods and the estimated amount claimed in respect of the loss or damage is given in writing to the carrier within 30 days after the delivery. Claims submitted by telephone will not be processed.

b) The final statement of the claim shall be filed with the carrier within nine months from the date of the shipment.

c) The party receiving the notice of claim shall acknowledge receipt of the claim within 30 days of receipt of the claim.

A Claims Analyst will investigate your claim. The Adjustor will need to examine the move paperwork, speak with the crew or crews involved in your move, determine fault and responsibility, confirm any price estimates you have submitted, and contact repair companies as necessary.

Note:* All claims are subject to a $150.00 processing fee or damages to the home will have a $350 deductible, any claims over $300 need to be notarized.


8. Special Provisions

a) BEST MOVERS is not liable for any damage to assembled furniture manufactured from press wood or particleboard as it is not constructed to withstand the normal stress of a move as an assembled unit.

b) BEST MOVERS is not liable for any damage that may occur to lawns as a result of respecting the customer’s request of backing the truck off the roadway into driveways and on or across lawns.

c) BEST MOVERS shall not be responsible for damages caused by extreme weather conditions such as pipe freeze-ups in a house.

9. Undelivered Goods

a) where through no fault of the carrier the goods cannot be delivered the goods may be stored (i) in the warehouse of BEST MOVERS subject to a reasonable charge for storage or (ii) in a public or licensed warehouse at the expense of the consignor, and subject to a lien for all freight and other lawful charges including a reasonable charge for storage.

10. Prohibited items – non-admissible items:

The following items that contaminate or damage our property or property of other customers will not be carried. BEST MOVERS will not remove items that would damage the item or the premises (e.g. furniture that will not fit through doorways, UNLESS customers waives the right to claim compensation with initials here _________.

a. Explosives: Fireworks, ammunition including bullets, shotgun shells etc., railroad or road flares

b. Gases: Any gases under pressure such as propane, hair spray, helium c. Oxidizers: Bleach, pool chemicals, fertilizers, chlorine etc.

d. Flammable solids such as fuel tablets, barbecue starter pellets, hay or matches, wood chips etc

e. Flammable Liquids: gas. Alcohol, cleaning fluids, lamp oil, household cleaners, kerosene

f. Corrosives: oven cleaner, toilet cleaners, liquid plumber, drain cleaner, household cleaner, lye, acids, batteries

g. Poisons such as pesticides, herbicides, fumigants, wood preservatives, photographic chemicals etc.

h. Items subject to spontaneous combustion such as oily rags, charcoal

i. Alcoholic beverages

Other items subject to the discretion of the movers. Customers are required to declare these items to the driver, failure of which the customer will be held responsible for any damages caused by such items